Firedot ™ detects  suspicious activity  in  network   environments, quickly identifying threats to your assets so that  you can respond. We monitor network traffic and  analyze  billions of events with our  ActiveAnalytics.


•    Provides  comprehensive protection with an extensive IDS signature database, continual updates, and unlimited vulnerability scanning
•    Delivers emerging threat protection based on insight gained from thousands of global customers

•    Reduces costs compared against the costs of using multiple traditional solutions

•    Provides  the latest  security technology managed by Firedot – certified analysts

•    Significantly reduce costs  by augmenting in-house security team with Alert Logic Firedot experts – freeing
up internal resources to focus on other tasks.

Using intelligent multifactor correlation, we identify security events requiring attention. After validation by a Security  analyst, we notify you with recommended actions/responses within 15 minutes for critical issues.  When needed, senior specialist teams are  engaged to assist  you. You can  also  implement automated blocking through integration with your network firewalls.

We give  you insight  into  the  real  threats in your environments, helping you make  more  informed security  investment and  resource decisions. When  the security  program is driven by a clear understanding of the real threats affecting your network, your efforts and  investments will provide more  benefit and  significantly enhance your security posture.


Security investments often  go unused or are deployed with partial  or default settings – placing businesses at risk while never  fully realizing  their investments. Our security  professionals ensure proper deployment, configuration, tuning  and optimization of Firedot®  Threat  Manager™.

Every  customer is assigned an Firedot onboarding project manager (OPM) to  manage the  entire  process and onboarding team of 20+  specialist including: Project  Managers, Onboarding Engineers, NOC  Technicians, Network  & System  Administrators, Security Analysts and  Product Trainers.


The Firedot®  approach is fundamentally different from traditional security  vendors, who sell single  purpose security technologies that  require their  customers to staff, train,  implement and  monitor which constantly increases costs  and seldom fully addresses the  full scope of your  security  issues.
With Alert Logic,  you  pay  for specific  security capabilities and our expertise in delivering them, and you don’t make a capital  investment to achieve your security goals.
In  the  age  of fast-changing  threats and  distributed  infrastructure,  Security-as-a-Service  gives  you  the  outcomes you need.

You get  all these benefits without  a  large  investment, staff  burden or  distractions from  your  strategic IT initiatives. Security-as-a-Service delivery  provides you Threat  Manager™  with Firedot™  for a fixed monthly  fee,  including all monitoring, software and  our  24×7  Security  Operations Center (SOC) to  validate incidents and  provide support. You access your Threat  Manager™ data through a web interface – the very same  one  used by our analysts.

Firedot Network Sensor  DEPLOYMENT

In the protected environment, Firedot™ passively  collects  network traffic data and transports it to Firedot Cyber Center through encrypted channels using:

•    Physical or Virtual Appliances

•     Agents with virtual tap

Events are analyzed by Firedot ActiveAnalytics.

Intelligent multifactor correlation identifies suspicious patterns of events, and  creates actionable incidents.

Until today, honeypots were developed and used primarily by researchers and security enthusiasts. Honeypot technology, like most security technologies, can be time consuming to install and configure.

“Security event management solves today’s critical problem of aggregating and correlating
diverse log data for real-time event detection and response. In the future I see
these security management platforms serving as the central intelligence systems
for security operations.”- Richard Stiennon of the Gartner Group,

Imagine a honeypot appliance you simply deploy on your network. You just connect the power plug and network cable (or wireless card) and let the someone do the rest. Well, the future is here.

Firedot – detect and protect

is centralized managed security service provider which detects and captures every attack on your network

  • Technical support and fast incident response

  • Responsiveness to your needs

    Offers a solution architecture you can grow with

  • Event Correlation

    Facilitates forensics to see real-time events (e.g., activity from one source IP) in a historical context. Correlate and analyze security event data from across your network.

  • Complete Threat Evidence

    Enables quick understanding of related events (e.g, identify DDoS targets).

  • Log Management

    Logs attack methods, related events, source and destination IP addresses, so we can investigate and respond to threats faster.

“This is worth repeating: a properly insured network is immune to the effects of hacking.”

Bruce an internationally renowned security technologist, called a "security guru" by The Economist

Firedot – detect and protect

The promise of Firedot is particularly powerfull collecting data from disparate technologies, normalizing it, centralizing alerts, and correlating events to tell you exactly which threats to focus on first. On premises, use the built-in Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) to catch threats targeting your vulnerable systems with signature-based anomaly detection and protocol analysis technologies. Firedot network sensors collect data from multiple on-premises applications, systems, and devices to identify the latest attacks, malware infections, system compromise techniques, policy violations, and other exposures.


Home users and small businesses don’t have the time or the resources to research all the latest threats on their own. Firedot Security Research Team spends countless hours mapping out the different types of attacks, the latest threats, suspicious behavior, vulnerabilities and exploits they uncover across the entire threat landscape.


Firedot expert team monitoring 24/7

Firedot strives to be the highest quality security agency in Rotterdam that exceed the expectations of those we partner with by:
– Being the best service contractor our clients have ever had
– Being the best company our employees have ever worked for continuously improving on all aspects of our business while building on our culture of excellence