Anomali Begins Education Outreach Initiative

The cybersecurity industry is facing a critical issue, and it’s not the cyber criminals. There is a growing shortage of workers to fill the rising demand for cyber security professionals, with a projected 3.5 million positions left unfilled by 2021.

In response to this growing demand, Anomali is beginning an Education Outreach Initiative to educate students at the high school and college levels about careers within the cybersecurity industry.

Customer Success Manager Mitul Mittal recently spoke to an Advanced Placement Computer Science class at Woodside High School, discussing the need for cybersecurity talent and his own unique journey into the industry.

“It was a pleasure to speak to high schoolers in regards to a topic that I believe is not as widely addressed by schools as it could be. I believe that talking with students early on about Cyber Security will open up the possibility that more will consider and pursue careers in the future. I myself was not initially planning to pursue this field, however my background and career advancements have led me to an industry that I believe is growing at an impressive rate.”

Woodside High School

Anomali will also host a virtual speaking session with a high school class in the Coast Union High School District in August. Customer Success Professional Parimala Agnihotri will speak, hoping to not only introduce cybersecurity, but also to encourage women to consider careers within information security.

“Technology today is shaping our daily lives – both women and men! However the contribution to such impactful technology is largely dominated by men. It is about time that women start contributing to create such technologies. This means we need more women to disrupt the idea that such areas only belong to men and bring our creativity and analytical thinking to the table.”

Anomali CMO Dan Barahona is dedicated to encouraging this kind of outreach, stating that “Cybersecurity is one of the great challenges of our time. In my career I have found extraordinary opportunities to address growing security threats with innovative solutions. Cybersecurity will become even more challenging as more critical systems connect to the Internet and hackers continue to develop new methods. We need the best and brightest minds out there. That’s why we’ve expanded our reach globally to connect with those talented individuals.”

Anomali has offices and employees located across the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. If you’d like a representative from Anomali to speak in person or virtually with your students, contact us at to schedule a time within the coming school year.

Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Infographic

Infographic: Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

See why we think it’s so critical to introduce students to the cybersecurity industry.


Source: Honeypot Tech