Anomali Forum – Your Cyber War Room

Zero-day exploits such as last week’s Petya can be a nightmare of damage to a company’s information, systems and reputation. One of the more practical solutions for such an attack is for companies to band together and share information that could bolster defences or prevent the next outbreak. There are traditional channels for doing this like ISACs, other sharing groups and security products, but these methods still lack the immediacy that is vital to managing attacks of such magnitude.

To help with this issue, the Anomali Forum has a chat feature that enables users within organizations and Trusted Circles to talk with one another in an immediate and secure fashion. Although simple in principle, the Forum’s chat has the potential to transform a place for discussion into a war room for cyber battles such as Petya and WanaCry.

Even when all is quiet on the cyber front, the Anomali Forum provides customers a place to discuss security topics, ask questions and provide answers. Previous topics have covered virtually anything – trends, threat intelligence, zero-day vulnerabilities and threat investigation best practices. Users can reply, bookmark, post, flag, like and share topics and earn badges for participation.

The Anomali Forum is also a great way for users to give feedback to us at Anomali. Any user can create a feature request and subsequent poll that other users can then vote on.

Getting Started

You can get started with the Anomali Forum right away by visiting

If you wish to create any topics, ask questions or discuss any existing blog posts then you can click on Log In (Upper right-hand corner). Access to content differs based on whether or not you are a free STAXX user or paying ThreatStream and Anomali Enterprise customer.

You can select any of the products with a registered account. If you are an existing ThreatStream user then you can simply select ThreatStream option and login with single sign on.

We will be adding content on a daily basis, so please be sure to stop by to Post, Like and Share!

If you would like to see any further improvements to the Anomali Forum please visit our Site Feedback category and you can discuss about the forum, how it works and how we can improve it.

Source: Honeypot Tech